11/11: Engage Your Senses at IMT Monterey Ranch

Since moving to Austin, I’ve become familiar with the whole ‘throw-a-party-market-yourself’ campaign that seems to be running rampant across the city. Recently I went to a small apartment complex opening that featured a DJ, some free sweet tea vodka, and an interesting presentation of some of the rooms available for rent. Tomorrow’s event, however, takes this seemingly overdone campaign and flips it on its head, breathing new life into the world of creative marketing. Yes there will be free drinks supplied by Tito’s Vodka, Budweiser, Republic Tequila, and Waialua Soda Works. Yes there will be free food supplied by My Fit Foods, Luna Bar, and Backspin Bar & Grill. But.. a performance by the Southern Sirens? All I know is they will be mingling with the crowd and presenting some sort of dance/musical performance hybrid that, if judging by the pictures from this year’s SXSW, should be well worth it:

And did I mention this is all supporting the grand re-opening of the IMT Monterey Ranch, who you’ll have to google to believe that the following photos are accurate:

If this isn’t convincing enough to make reschedule your Thursday night plans I don’t know what will, but as always with these type of events, make sure you RSVP! Word is its almost at capacity! Its going to be a night of indulgence and debauchery, well, if I have anything to do with it it will… expect lots of photos (hopefully some provocative video) to follow!