11/12: NBA JAM LAUNCH EVENT, Sponsored by Complex, EA Sports; Presented by Knuckle Rumbler

There’s seven seconds on the clock, you deek the defender as he eats the parquet, you do a somersault in the air, culminating in a righteous jam accentuated by the announcer exclaiming: THE NAIL IN THE COFFIN!!!! ….. sound familiar? Just when you thought the days of NBA Jam were forever lost to antique gaming systems and troublesome emulators, EA Sports decides to hit you And-1 from the ankle up by introducing NBA JAM for XBOX 360 and PS3. So leave it to local PR guru’s Knuckle Rumbler to throw a launch party, hosted by Bun B, featuring exclusive demoing ability of the new twist on the arcade classic…… oh that’s right, we’re in Austin, FOR FREE. DJ Protege will be killing it while you sip on free cocktails and munch on complimentary hors d’hoeuvres while your friends embarrass a virtual Lebron James with likes of Paul Pierce, Derrick Rose and other praise-worthy NBA-ers, as well as the classic lineup of All-Stars. Keep it 64-bit and make sure to wear your retro kicks, and as always, don’t forget to RSVP! Not to bum you out or anything but I’ll probably embarrass you… but really try and put out my fire…. BOOM SHAKA LAKA!

11/11: Engage Your Senses at IMT Monterey Ranch

Since moving to Austin, I’ve become familiar with the whole ‘throw-a-party-market-yourself’ campaign that seems to be running rampant across the city. Recently I went to a small apartment complex opening that featured a DJ, some free sweet tea vodka, and an interesting presentation of some of the rooms available for rent. Tomorrow’s event, however, takes this seemingly overdone campaign and flips it on its head, breathing new life into the world of creative marketing. Yes there will be free drinks supplied by Tito’s Vodka, Budweiser, Republic Tequila, and Waialua Soda Works. Yes there will be free food supplied by My Fit Foods, Luna Bar, and Backspin Bar & Grill. But.. a performance by the Southern Sirens? All I know is they will be mingling with the crowd and presenting some sort of dance/musical performance hybrid that, if judging by the pictures from this year’s SXSW, should be well worth it:

And did I mention this is all supporting the grand re-opening of the IMT Monterey Ranch, who you’ll have to google to believe that the following photos are accurate:

If this isn’t convincing enough to make reschedule your Thursday night plans I don’t know what will, but as always with these type of events, make sure you RSVP! Word is its almost at capacity! Its going to be a night of indulgence and debauchery, well, if I have anything to do with it it will… expect lots of photos (hopefully some provocative video) to follow!


Tonight, 11/10: The Amorist, Grandchild at The Hole in the Wall

What is better than seeing three legit bands perform in a venue that truly lives up to its name?? Seeing those bands for FREE! That’s right, tonight at The Hole in the Wall our friends in Grandchild and The Amorist, a band you need to check out if you haven’t already, are supplying hump day entertainment for … zero dollars. If that isn’t an excuse to make it out, then I don’t know what to tell you. See you there!

Location: 2538 Guadalupe St., Austin, TX

Cover: $0

Alamo Drafthouse Presents Terror Tuesday: Critters

"A massive ball of furry creatures from another world eat their way through a small mid-western town followed by intergalactic bounty hunters opposed only by militant townspeople. "    


I am… more or less… obsessed with the Alamo Drafthouse. How could I not be when they have $1 events where CRITTERS is playing!? Terror Tuesday happens every week, but this will be by far the best movie they’ve picked.

       awesome ——>  

Cost: $1.00

Time: 11:00pm

Location: Alamo Ritz on 6th St.

:: j ::

Domy Monster Show

The 5th Annual Domy Monster Show will be up for viewing until Dec 2nd, and this might be the best exhibition yet ! there are some really big names in the show, like michael seiben and travis millard… and amazing local artists like briar bonifacio, kevin munoz, mason mcfee  - oh! i also have a small piece in it :D

check it out!

:: j ::

h a l l o w e e n !

halloween in austin….  requires lots of blood… and a costume change or two !

#1: zombiez

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MIX! Featuring Art and the Supernatural: 19th Century Style

A Couple Reasons why you should attend this MIX! event at the Blanton Museum this Thursday, October 28th !

1. Free food  (we all know this is key!)

2. Live Music: my good friends The Eastern Sea are playing.. just returning from a mini tour up to new york city ! plus Dj Honeycomb

3. Art activities -  it is good to be creative

4. Door prizes: because who doesn’t love to win prizes !

5. Fortune tellers (perhaps you’ll hear about that mysteriously dark figure in your near future)

6. Art-inspired Audience Interactive Ghost Story Performance by local Improv comedy troupe, Snackers.

7.  F R E E

Cost: Free With College Id

Location: Blanton Museum of Art (MLK & Congress)

Time: 7:00pm - 10:00pm

:: j ::

A12 Presents: The New Monster @ The Fab Gallery, 10/21


 This Wednesday is the opening for A12’s The New Monster @ Fab Gallery! The exhibition is based around the central theme of Frankenstein (appropriate theme, right?). My friend Randy Muniz will be showing a piece, so make sure to go & support our local artists ! Plus there’s an after party starting at 9pm @ Rabbits (E. 6th and Chicon) ! They claim to have the coldest beers in Texas… with ice on the bottom of your beer… we’ll see Rabbits.. we’ll see…

:: j ::

Takoba - Sunday Brunch

There’s few things I love more than Sunday brunch. Seriously though - mimosas, weekend stories, delicious food, beautiful weather, good friends.. it’s a killer combo. Austin offers so many wonderful weekend brunches, so I think I might try to go every weekend! I’ve gotten a lot of great recommendations to keep me going for months.. what are your favorite spots to go?

This Sunday I went down the street to Takoba on east 7th to enjoy their $1 mimosas, freshly baked tortilla chips, outside patio and delicious brunch food ! I got the chilauquiles with side of potatoes and refried beans mmmm o_0

:: j ::

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The Most Interesting Show in the World @ Austin Music Hall, 10/14


austin city limits 2010 !


for those who live in austin, ACL is an event that needs no explanation. it’s one of those events that always lingers in the back of your head… i’ve gone every year since living here and it was going to be my first year not attending but to my surprise, on friday, my boss gives me a 3 day pass ! without my usual months of preparation (what to wear, which bands to see, am i bringing a balloon, who will i meet up with!?), i hopped on my bike and zoomed down to the festival ! in all the excitement, i forgot my camera until sunday.. but we all know what goes on ! I had the pleasure of enjoying (in this order):

 Local Natives, The Temper Trap, Gogol Bordello, Matt & Kim, M.I.A

Devendra Banhart and the Grogs, The Morning Benders, Yeasayer, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, The Flaming Lips and the National.

What bands did you see????

:: j ::

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Gathering of the Tribes: Vegan Potluck, Saturday 10/2

Most of you are probably used to your local vegetarian/vegan potluck being held in a function hall, on a college campus, or even in someone’s home, maybe accompanied by some live music, with the highlight being, of course, sampling the abundance of home-cooked dishes that line the buffet table.  Yet not only is tomorrow’s weather looking to be ideal for a potluck in the park, all attendees are fortunate enough to have the activist organizations that truly drive forward what it means to be vegan or vegetarian sponsor the “Gathering of the Tribes,” a name that could only be reserved for such an event.  Austin’s most celebrated ‘green’ restaurants (and trailers) will be taking over Pease Park and offering up healthy, fresh and delectable dishes for all attend (which means RSVP’ing via Facebook), and while you are digging in make sure to swing by the booths of all the hard-working organizations listed above that keep the healthy eating culture alive in Austin!  With Beets cafe and the Vegan Yacht topping my list make sure to swing by the ‘Engine 2' booth, an intensive vegan diet crafted by local Texas firefighter Rip Esselstyn that Whole Foods has been featuring in conjunction with their new “Health Starts Here” initiative.  Expect essential vegan gourmet with plenty of literature on the diet and the immersion program Rip began for Whole Foods Team Members who were looking for a way to work towards leading a healthier lifestyle.  Plenty of reviews and mouth-watering pictures to follow, hope you can make it out!


Party! @ Our House, 10/1

Iggi’s Texatarian, 1104 E. 6th St


Last night, some friends and I headed over to Iggi’s Texatarian - a southern style 100% vegan trailer located behind Cheer Up Charlie’s. I ordered the BBQ Seitan sandwich.. which is….unbelievable ! Served on a delicious ciabatta bun with vegenaise, the sandwich consisted of grilled seitan, onion and pickles - all covered in locally made barbecue sauce. Everyone kept stealing bites from me ! I also got a side of their fan favorite: mac n cheeze, which simply melts in your mouth. Add a Topo Chico (which I’ve never tried before!?) and you’ve got yourself one out-of-the-park meal. Two Thumbs up Iggi’s ! I will definitely be recommending you to anyone, whether they are vegan or not!

Besides going for their delicious food, they were screening Tetsuo: The Iron Man, a very strange/interesting/sometimes terrifying japanese film by director Shinya Tsukamoto. A homage to the classic manga Akira, featuring some badass stop motion effects.

:: j ::

((sounder)), Milk Thistle @ Mohawk, 9/22



1. Because when I was introduced to ((sounder)) by my art director, I instantly fell in love with the song “Oh River”… and to top that, he showed me a music video for the song “Those Days Were Good Days (As Some Days Are)” directed by Mike Aho and illustratrated by Michael Sieben - one of my favorite artists !? AND THEN THE FLYER FOR THE SHOW  was DRAWN BY TRAVIS MILLARD. Unbelievable. It is basically a fellowship of these amazing artists that I admire, all friends, all collaborating, all creating in different mediums, and I think it’s true inspiration.

Because they described themselves better than I ever could…

((sounder))  is the musical project of visual artist Mike Aho and photographer Steve Stratton. For their second full-length entitled, ‘Good Things Come and Go Like Bad Things’, co-produced by Nadav Eisenman (RTX, Entrance) and mixed by Matt Wignall (Cold War Kids), Aho and Stratton create a world that is wrought with honesty and a disheveled pop sensibility. The music of ‘Good Things … ‘ builds with vibrating melodies which are cut short by cold and calculated electronics and distorted crescendos. Additional singers on the record are: Travis Millard, Mel Kadel, Keil Johnson, Dave Bryant and Kelly Marie. Aho’s visual and audio aesthetic create a body of work filled with imagery of a wilting world and paradise lost.

2. Because my good pals and local band Milk Thistle are performing ! They always have such great energy on stage, and the new songs they revealed at the last show I attended (at hole in the wall) were fantastic. Can’t wait to hear more !

Time: 10:00pm
Location: Mohawk, inside. 912 Red River

:: j ::